Jose Dalisay

Jose Dalisay

Jose Dalisay is director of the Institute of Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines and the author of more than 20 books: short story collections, plays, and essays. A recipient of the National Book Award from the Manila Critics Circle, Dalisay was named by the Cultural Center of the Philippines Centennial Honors List as one of the top-100 most accomplished and influential Filipino artists of the past century.

Books by Jose Dalisay

  1. In Flight

Reviews and Comments

  • "Rich with characters who are complex, deftly drawn and compelling. The U.S. reader is in for a treat."
    National Book Award Nominee, DOGEATERS
  • "Jose Dalisay is the unparalleled literary stylist from a lyrical country, the Philippines. Urbane, meticulous, compassionate, honest, Dalisay's work focuses on characters swept up in the tides of history -- a dictatorship, a scuppered revolution, needful exile, the inexorable losses of lives struggling quixotically for some semblance of purpose or even just happiness. In both books, the everyday details of humanity ground history and keep it from existing as facile absolutes -- an achievement of clarity and wisdom in the complex region that is Asia. Dalisay will bring you where you've never been before. Read these books."
    Winner of the Man Asian Award (2010) for ILUSTRADO
  • "'Tell us the truth!' we demand of a book, and this one does with calculated vivacity, spiked with galling humor, wit, and felicity of language that gives the Filipino novel a new stature."
  • "Consummate craftsmanship characterized by clear and firm language, an absorbing narrative, and loving insights into the Filipino psyche. A sympathetic, contemporary record of our turbulent days."
    National Book Award Citation
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