Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn

KATHERINE DUNN wrote about and reported on the sport of boxing beginning in 1981. Her prize-winning boxing journalism appeared in many publications, from The Ring and KO Magazine, to Vogue, Esquire and Playboy. Her column, Punch Lines, ran weekly in the Skanner Newspaper in Portland and Seattle from 1982 to 1995. She was the associate editor of cyberboxingzone.com, an internet boxing encyclopedia and magazine.

In 1987, Dunn and two colleagues wrote the original legislation to create the state commission that regulates, boxing, wrestling, and the martial arts in the state of Oregon. In 2004, Dunn and photographer Jim Lommasson won the Lange-Taylor Documentary Prize for their work on the book "Shadow Boxers."

Dunn's third novel, "Geek Love," was a finalist for the 1898 National Book Award. She was also the author of the novels "Attic" and "Truck." She lived and worked in Portland, Oregon.

Books by Katherine Dunn

  1. One Ring Circus

Reviews and Comments

  • "One of our finest novelists is also hands-down the best boxing journalist working today."
    Hugo and Nebula-Award Winning writer and boxing journalist
  • "Every Dunn essay is a polished blend of empathy, artistry and informed opinion...A game fringed with bagmen and bloviators, shysters and showoffs, has finally got the wise, lucid spokesman it needs and deserves."
  • "An exciting new addition to boxing literature. Dunn doesn't just see things--she sees into things. Her prose is brilliant and in a game so fully immersed in danger and utmost peril the most striking thing is Katherine Dunn's humanity."