Magela Baudoin

Magela Baudoin

Author Magela Baudoin is a journalist, writer and professor who lives in La Paz, Bolivia. Throughout her 20 years in journalism, she has published articles, reports, interviews and columns in different newspapers, weeklies and magazines in Bolivia such as La Razón, La Prensa and Nueva Crónica.. She is the founder and coordinator of the Creative Writing program at the Private University of Santa Cruz.

Books by Magela Baudoin

  1. Sleeping Dragons

Reviews and Comments

  • "With exquisitely rendered descriptions of space, place and persons, Magela Baudoin hovers over human relationships with the intensity of a high-tech drone...she deftly shows us how people who live together can bring out one another's deepest vulnerabiliti"
    Author of Cages and The Scorpionís Tail
  • "The explicit, frank, open appearance of her [Baudoin's] stories deceives us, but with such skill that we agree to be deceived. The atmospheres she creates are threatening, gloomy, stormy. There are hints of humor, but her smile is sardonic, full of irony,"