Yehuda Nir

Yehuda Nir

Yehuda Nir was an associate professor of psychiatry at Cornell University Medical Center. In addition to THE LOST CHILDHOOD, he is co-author with his wife Dr. Bonnie Maslin of PATTERNS OF HEARTBREAK: How to Stop Finding Mr. Wrong. Nir is the father of three sons and a daughter and lives in New York City.

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Reviews and Comments

  • "An extraordinary memoir."
    New York Observer
  • "Marvelous tells the story so matter of factly. Its very lack of hype makes it so frightening and compelling."
    Tony Award-winning producer
  • "Puts one in mind of great understated writers like Hemingway and I.B. Singer."
  • "An engaging fast-paced Holocaust memoir."
  • "An unforgettable memoir of a resilient family"
  • "For readers who have gone stale on the Holocaust, Nir's record of a child pursued will reawaken fresh awareness, shock, understanding, and conscience."