emil deandries drums small

Author Emil DeAndreis sitting in on drums with a jazz combo at Club U Maleho Gleni in Prague last month. Emil will be continuing to “sit in” on several upcoming radio talk show interviews in the coming weeks across the country to discuss his book HARD TO GRIP: A Memoir of Youth, Baseball and Chronic Illness.

Now that the summer is approximately half over (or halfway begun, depending on your point of view), here is a brief Summer 2017 Newsletter update of some of the recent highlights from the past two months and some news to share about what lies ahead for Schaffner Press.

Attn: Wordsmiths.
We are pleased to announce the publication of Bill Irvine’s and Steven Guarnaccia’s wonderful anthology of palindromes, DO GEESE SEE GOD? (in stores now). This elegantly designed volume by former McSweeney’s art director showcases the wit and absurdity to be found in these palindromic gems, most of which are original creations from the fertile mind of logophile Irvine, who as he explains in his lively introduction, has been reading sentences backwards ever since he was eleven—a trait he learned from his mother. Stay tuned for news of our Goodreads Giveaway offering of ten copies of the galleys!

Feel The Burn.
We are happy to announce that our new paperback edition of ANYTHING THAT BURNS YOU: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet by Terese Svoboda (April 2018) will feature an Introduction from author Vivian Gornick, noted literary figure and biographer, whose most recent book, The Odd Woman and the City, was published to great acclaim in 2015. Terese meanwhile has just returned from a residency in a lighthouse off the coast of Maine, and is soon bound for a trip across the pond to take part in Poetry Ireland on September 8.

Hot Off the Press.
Things have been sizzling here in our offices as we prepare for our spring 2018 list with five new books, starting in April, 2018. Along with the above reprint edition, we have our lead title, SAVE THE PLANET: An Amazonian Tribal Leader Fights for his People, the Rainforest, and the Earth by Almir Narayamoga Surui and Corine Sombrun, a powerful memoir and history of Almir’s life as the chief of the Surui people and his fight to save the rainforest. And we will see the return of the dynamic duo of co-editors James Lough and Alex Stein with their new anthology SHORT CIRCUITS: Aphorisms, Fragments, and Literary Anomalies in April to honor National Poetry Month in 2018. This new volume includes several of the previous contributors as well as new entries by Joy Harjo, Lydia Davis, Alain de Botton, Jane Hirshfield and many others. Look for more news of our upcoming spring ‘18 titles in our newsletters this fall.

We hope you continue to enjoy your summer; make sure to look for a nice cool nook and curl up with a (Schaffner Press) book, ebook, ibook, or audiobook!