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The past month has proved to be extremely tumultuous for many here in the US and around the world, and we at Schaffner Press would like to offer our thoughts and condolences for all those who have lost loved ones, homes, lands and valuables in the hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, and acts of violence that have torn our world asunder in recent weeks.

On September 23rd Bill Carter reunited with Bono on the last leg of a U2 tour that nearly coincided with the 20th Anniversary of the Dayton Agreement that brought about the peace treaty in Bosnia and restored peace to Sarajevo. Bill first met Bono backstage in Italy in the early 90’s as he pressed the rocker to get involved in the conflict in Bosnia. The ask led to a partnership on a documentary film titled Miss Sarajevo, which included a song of the same title featuring Brian Eno, Pavarotti and members of U2. The incredible story is vividly recounted in Bill’s memoir FOOLS RUSH IN. ​

As we look forward to an exciting new season of books, we can also take pride in the many accomplishments and successes our authors have had this year. Here is a listing of some of the recent events that our authors have shared in.

September Press.
We were delighted to receive this good news in the Sept 11th issue of Publisher’s Weekly for our upcoming title DAY IN, DAY OUT by Héctor Aguilar Camín:

DAY IN, DAY OUT: A torrid, murky noir full of murder, sex, lies, secrets, police corruption, and more sex. This is a fast-moving and complex story, most memorable for its depiction of Serrano twisting in the wind with love, lust, and fear.

EVERY MOMENT OF A FALL … check out Héctor Aguilar Camínr’s podcast appearance with comedian Paul Gilmartin.

Carol opens up in front of a live audience in Oakland about the years she abused herself through bad relationships, booze and sex before therapy and EMDR helped her confront her true feelings about her predatory father, passive mother, abusive step-father and the plane crash she survived as a 16 year-old.”

Here’s the link: Plane Crash Survivor – Author Carol E. Miller – The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Hard to Grip: WCBS radio interview with author Emil DeAndreis. His memoir is the story of abandoning the game of baseball after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at an early age.

Festival and Author Event News.
This month has also marked the attendance of three separate book festivals by authors  Sylvia Torti, Patrick Hicks and Carol E. Miller.

Sylvia reports that her reading at the Moab Library on Oct. 7th went well. There were about 30 people present, and Back of Beyond Books sold titles at the event and at their store beforehand. Sylvia signed some stock, so if you’re in the area, pick up a signed copy. Also, she’ll read November 2nd at the Santa Clara Branch Library in St. George.

Patrick Hicks, who recently was informed that he has been nominated for a Midwest Emmy Award for his work on a short documentary, wrote in to report on his time at the South Dakota Book Festival in Deadwood.

While there he reconnected with Schaffner Press author Ron Capps (SERIOUSLY NOT ALL RIGHT) as well as Tim O’Brien. Hicks read from his short story collection, THE COLLECTOR OF NAMES. While there he connected with Tim O’Brien on two different occasions, and learned about the “behind the scenes” work involved in creating Burns’s Vietnam.

Carol E. Miller, author of EVERY MOMENT OF A FALL is gearing up for her visit to her hometown of Concord, Mass. for their book festival on October 27.

The line-up for the Concord Festival of Authors in October is set, and she’ll be in very good company: Alice Hoffman, Margo Livesey, Gish Jen, Richard Hoffman, Katherine Paterson, and many more. Here’s the link: