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This month, we celebrate Thanksgiving and all the bounteous, good things that have been bestowed upon us over the year, and give thanks to all the wonderful people who have shown their support these past months!

We have also been fortunate to have received some wonderful press and review attention of late, and have the following good news and updates to share below with our readers:

Torti’s writing offers rich enjoyment for birders and photographers who hang around birders. Scientists will get a kick out of a story about doing science that doesn’t pull many punches for the nonscientist and digs into thorny ethical territory.

To read the full review, click here: La Bloga

cages by sylvia torti

Short Circuits.
Kudos to James Lough, co-editor with Alex Stein of the upcoming (April 2018) volume SHORT CIRCUITS: Aphorisms, Fragments, and Literary Anomalies, for winning the Aphorism of the Day award from Electric Literature:

James Lough, “When We Lost Alphonse”
We worried when Alphonse tried heroin, which exposed him to the world of marijuana, and quickly opened the door to beer, which naturally led him to pretzels and peanuts. Before we could intervene, we found him enmeshed in a group who allegedly ate nothing but vegetables.

short circuits small

We are delighted to see positive and enthusiastic responses from both sides of the “pond” to the recently published novel by Héctor Aguilar Camin, DAY IN, DAY OUT (Chandler Thompson, trans): This just came in from the Lancashire Evening Post. The eloquent and philosophical Héctor Aguilar Camín, recipient of numerous national literary awards, has produced once again a masterful literary work that clearly shows us why he is one of Mexico’s most revered writers.

Here’s what they have to say about this novel in Brooklyn:

And across the US:

hector aguilar camin

Also on our upcoming list, Margaret Broucek’s hilarious, satirical novel THE FUTILITY EXPERTS has received this early rave from author Bill Roorbach (Author of Life Among Giants)

“The Futility Experts starts with a bang and only gets more explosive from there…laughs and satisfying plot twists … I flipped pages till the night was dawn…an auspicious debut for this talented new voice.”

The Futility Experts

So to all our readers and subscribers, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!