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Every Moment of a Fall Dear Princess Grace, Dear Betty ANYTHING THAT BURNS YOU Short Flights Death In Veracruz The Deer Walking Upside Down HERBERT HUNCKE Interval THE COLLECTOR OF NAMES BOOM, BUST, BOOM Lee Marvin This AIN'T NO HOLIDAY INN Seriously Not All Right THE LOST CHILDHOOD Acid Christ Scenes, Songs & Solos
Schaffner Press is an independent publishing company based in Tucson, Az. which focuses on books of high literary quality and topics of social concern.

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  1. To Do or Coach; Or Can You Do Both?

    To Do or Coach; Or Can You Do Both?

      by Emil DeAndreis …when my thoughts blur between player and coach. There is a tranquility to it, a silence, a mysticism. “Those who can’t do, coach.” That phrase. Damn. It can cut to a man’s core. A man’s widening, flabby core. I admit, I used to proudly say it. Not too long ago,…
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