Books of social relevance for discerning readers
Interval Dancing at the River's Edge THE LOST CHILDHOOD Acid Christ Fools Rush In Red Summer Scenes, Songs & Solos THE COLLECTOR OF NAMES Lee Marvin The Snow Angel This AIN'T NO HOLIDAY INN BOOM, BUST, BOOM Seriously Not All Right
Schaffner Press is an independent publishing company based in Tucson, Az. which focuses on books of high literary quality and topics of social concern.

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  1. Earth Day – April 22nd, 2015 – by author Bill Carter

    by Bill Carter  April 22nd is a day many pause to remember that we are merely visitors here on this lonely rock floating through space, spinning like a child’s toy round and round a sun that in time will burn us to smithereens. Remembering that we are but stewards of this beautiful place we call …
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