Books of social relevance for discerning readers
Never Say No To A Rock Star Every Moment of a Fall Dear Princess Grace, Dear Betty Short Flights ANYTHING THAT BURNS YOU Death In Veracruz The Deer Walking Upside Down Interval THE COLLECTOR OF NAMES BOOM, BUST, BOOM Lee Marvin This AIN'T NO HOLIDAY INN Seriously Not All Right THE LOST CHILDHOOD Acid Christ Scenes, Songs & Solos
Schaffner Press is an independent publishing company based in Tucson, Az. which focuses on books of high literary quality and topics of social concern.

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  1. Schaffner Press August Newsletter

    Schaffner Press August Newsletter

    Summertime and the livin’ is easy, and the fish are jumpin’ at Schaffner Press. As we wind up the summer of ’16 in this last week of August, we have lots of great news to share with you in our August Newsletter regarding our books’ recent reviews, interviews, feature articles and upcoming e…
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