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Faces of the Disappeared Sleeping Dragons Save The Planet The Futility Experts Short Circuits Agnes Martin: Pioneer, Painter, Icon Day In, Day Out Do Geese See God? Cages Hard To Grip ANYTHING THAT BURNS YOU Never Say No To A Rock Star Lee Marvin Seriously Not All Right THE LOST CHILDHOOD Acid Christ Scenes, Songs & Solos
Schaffner Press is an independent publishing company based in Tucson, Az. which focuses on books of high literary quality and topics of social concern.

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  1. Schaffner Press December 2017 Newsletter

    Schaffner Press December 2017 Newsletter

    Don’t Fence Us In! ​ This is a vermilion flycatcher, a seasonal bird which, until recently, would have already left for warmer climes, taking a journey over imaginary borders observed only by a species known as homo sapiens. Lately, though, he and his mate have decided to stick around while the…
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